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This is about a regional concept of using shared electrical cars. Regional means a focus on the cities of Herford, Löhne and Bad Oeynhausen. However, more than a handful of comunities asked already for presentations and explanations about the speciality of this concept.
Looking cosequently for the use of EVs (Electrical Vehicle), we have to ask ourselves where the power to charge the battery is coming from. For my shared car the power is delivered by a certified supplier of renewable energy and my own solar panels.

Das CO2-freie Haus

This is about a personal change from fossil fuel, generating warm water, to the use of electricity from renewable energy doing the same. It is reducing carbon footprint of the people in this location significantly. I am sharing the design information and operational experience with you! 

You have a question concerning our feasibility studies, the renewable energies or a carbon footprint reduced building? Your energy consultancy answers.

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